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                  Fall Ball rules
rules for this year.. please print out
Bring this to the games to review - Slide or Avoid 


High School Slide Safety Rule

(straight in on "all" force plays)  

Between doubleheader, take a 10-15 minute break, get your pitcher ready 
and get the next game started. Remember, we are on a time limit
at all fields of 4:45 from first pitch. Umpires are also on a time limit. 
                    8U yr old division
Little league rules apply  kid pitch
No slaughter rules
5 runs per inning  - 4 balls and coach finishes the batter (strikes continue)
                  10 yr old division:
  Little league rules apply. (unless both team want to play lead off and steal)
  No slaughter rule
  5 runs per inning for 10yr olds
                  12U - 18 yr old divisions
  11-12's  big barrel bats allowed
  10 run slaughter rule applies after the 5th inning
  Coaches: please be courteous to the next team if their 
  game runs long. Finish the last inning if possible before drop dead time limit 
  High school rules apply
  Slide and avoid - contact (as judged by the umpire)  -   could be cause for ejection
           Regular season doubleheaders              
  no new inning time limit rule at 4:20 after the first pitch            
  Always finish the first game - exception of a blowout 
  (and if both coaches agree to start a new games)
  Play the second game until the time limit. 
  Remember:  no new inning 4:20 hours after the first pitch. 
  No new pitch after 4:45 unless score is 2 runs or less